Voicing is the last step in creating a beautiful rich sound out of any piano. It is the art of making the piano reach it's full musical potential. After the piano is tuned and regulated properly the piano is ready for this final step. The procedures vary from piano to piano but always include the hammer felt and the way it reacts with a piano. A piano hammer that is too hard will have a harsh tone and bring out high end harmonics that are not pleasing to hear.A hammer that is too soft will seem muffled or dead sounding. A properly voiced piano should be able to strike a balance between the two.



   From simple action repairs and sticky keys to complete parts, replacement and rebuilding. I have the skill, experience, and proper equipment to do the job right. With over 9000 parts in a modern piano, adjusting spring tension, aligning parts and applying the right lubrication is a must. A piano that is not properly regulated can be frustrating and will keep you from playing your very best. Very often it is the piano and NOT the player that is the problem.



   Action regulation and correct touch weight make your piano a joy to play. This science and art requires both knowledge and skill for proper adjustment. Having the correct weight for the piano action is crucial to being able to enjoy the instrument instead of fighting with it. A heavy touch makes certain musical passages impossible to play correctly. Quite often it is the piano and not the pianist that is the problem.

Ask about the touch weight at your next tuning.

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